Dave Closson’s Consulting Services

I have been assisting college campuses, communities, organizations and states to improve the effectiveness of their prevention efforts to address substance use, misuse, and related negative consequences. My clients include giants such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the National Center for Campus Public Safety, statewide agencies such as the Illinois Higher Education Center, Missouri’s Partners in Prevention, Colorado Alcohol and Drug Educators Collaborative, and New Mexico’s Higher Education Prevention Consortium.

My work is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources and the transfer of skills to the client. I work with specific objectives and clearly-established outcomes and timing, contributing to client prevention goals.

My experience and results indicate that improved prevention outcomes require an investment in people, systems and support. However, that investment does not require additional resources, but rather the redeployment of talents, resources and energy already present.

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"Dave is a wonderful speaker.  His workshops create space for participants to engage in meaningful ways.  I've always gotten a lot of support and information from Dave's presentations and look forward to seeing more!”

Jennifer Stevenson, M.S. CSU San Bernardino

Dave’s Philosophy

My approaches revolve around a simple idea: Improving the client’s condition.

One of the fundamentals of my success is to utilize the existing talents and resources of the organization in a comprehensive prevention strategy to enhance their prevention efforts.

"Dave has a passion for policing and higher education.  I have been in many training's that Dave has presented on Motivational Interviewing.  Dave breaks it down so that everyone will be able to utilize this tool, whether you are a counselor or a police officer.  I would whole-heartily encourage you to have Dave come speak to your staff and/or agency."

Valerie Gebhardt, University of Illinois Springfield

What Dave Does

These are just a few examples from my hundreds of clients. They highlight specific interventions for these clients, not the full range of my work over the years for any of them.

Engaging Law Enforcement

For the New Mexico Higher Education Prevention Consortium, I worked with the consortium core team members to develop a multi-layered approach to increase campus prevention staff’s skills, abilities and plan for engaging campus police and local law enforcement agencies. The 8-month project included collaborating with campus leaders from across the state with the goal of building the consortium’s overall capacity.

Law Enforcement’s Role in Prevention

For Missouri’s Partners in Prevention, I worked with their faculty to conduct a needs assessment for their partner law enforcement agencies. To meet their specific needs, I designed a law enforcement focused course detailing the basics of campus substance misuse prevention, environmental prevention strategies, and law enforcement’s role on the prevention team. The overall goal is for officers to understand the core components of prevention and the knowledge they need to incorporate evidence-based strategies into their prevention efforts.

Coalition Building

For Northern State University, I worked with their prevention coordinator to develop and implement a comprehensive prevention approach. This 6-month project included an in-depth stakeholder analysis, strategic plan, and creation of a campus and community coalition. Results included a layered sanction structure, multiple policy updates, and collaboration among coalition members

Coaching for Success

For SAMHSA’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, I am a veteran coach in their Coaching for Success Initiative. I work exclusively with SAMHSA grantees who have less capacity, experience and high-need. My work focuses exclusively on strengthening understanding of basic concepts, such as how activities and outcomes are related and building a foundation for later intervention planning.

“By engaging with students using the motivational interviewing techniques as an officer on our campus, Dave effectively connected with and positively impacted students in the various situations that he encountered.

His past experiences, including serving as an officer offers great perspective to implementing motivational interviewing and putting what he practiced into training initiatives for others to benefit from.”

Lisa Walker Ball State University

Strategic Planning

For the Michigan Higher Education Prevention Network, I developed a comprehensive strategic planning training, detailed strategies for selecting the best-fit evidence-based strategies, and an implementation guide. The training facilitation included work groups and the completion on an action planning guide to detail their next steps.

Environmental Prevention

For the New York Office of Alcoholism, and Substance Abuse Services, I delivered a four-part webinar and technical assistance series for their statewide college initiative. The series was provided a foundation on environmental prevention strategies and included engaging community stakeholders and building campus leadership.

Stakeholder Engagement

For the Cherokee Nation, I facilitated a TA session designed to enhance the prevention team members coaching skills and their ability to increase their community members motivation and level of engagement. As a result of the TA session, the prevention team developed a new system for their core team to provide coaching with each other as well.

Motivational Interviewing

For the Colorado Alcohol and Drug Educators Collaborative, I built an online course for their CADE online learning community focused on the fundamentals of motivational interviewing. They were provided with my book, “Motivational Interviewing for Campus Police,” which was disseminated to their campus police chiefs.