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Substance Misuse Prevention and the Turnkey Revolution [#16]

In this episode, I unpack what the turnkey revolution is and how it can help you in setting up your prevention team so that you have systems and processes set up for a consistent, effective, and orderly way of doing your work. Day in and day out, so that the prevention team is systems dependent and not people dependent.

I cover...

  • Hard, Soft, and Information Systems
  • Humanize your processes and systems
  • Creating your core processes and knowledge base

I also share a way to help shape the culture of your prevention team, build team capacity, and get everyone working together effectively and efficiently.



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T/TA and Adult Learning Theory

Today we are talking about the six principles of adult learning and experiential learning so you can take your T/TA to the next level!


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Podcast: How To Level-Up Your TA

Today we talk about how to take your TA to the next level. When you’re providing TA, a coaching-based approach can drastically increase the quality, engagement, and impact of your work! 



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