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Substance Misuse Prevention and the Turnkey Revolution [#16]

In this episode, I unpack what the turnkey revolution is and how it can help you in setting up your prevention team so that you have systems and processes set up for a consistent, effective, and orderly way of doing your work. Day in and day out, so that the prevention team is systems dependent and not people dependent.

I cover...

  • Hard, Soft, and Information Systems
  • Humanize your processes and systems
  • Creating your core processes and knowledge base

I also share a way to help shape the culture of your prevention team, build team capacity, and get everyone working together effectively and efficiently.



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College Drinking Behavior

There are two ways to look at alcohol consumption—by frequency and quantity. What I have been seeing on campus is that most students don’t drink frequently, yet when they do drink it is at a high quantity. A smaller percentage of the students will do both, frequent and in high quantity. These students who don’t drink frequently, but in high quantity will naturally see less of the negative consequences of drinking and thus be more willing to accept drinking heavily on the weekends as a normal part of college.

In general, college students do not see anything wrong with their own drinking habits but are quick to identify those self-destructive habits in others. The truth is, students are far less concerned with their drinking behavior than the campus administration is. I often hear from students that they already know everything they need to about alcohol and drinking.

The students—no matter what year in school—say that alcohol education programs should be...

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