Resources for Campus Police Officers

Dave's Work on Campus

Dave began his post-grad career as a police officer with a passion for enhancing the campus environment through understanding students and using a unique yet effective method of communication called "motivational interviewing".


When officers use motivational interviewing (MI) on patrol they can...

→ Encourage students to set and achieve goals for health maintenance.

→ Help students discover their own reasons for making a change.

→ Increase academic and life success to achieve strong student retention and reduce dropping out.

→ Engage students in a positive and collaborative conversation about the student’s high-risk substance misuse.

→ Get to the root cause of substance misuse.

→ Create a truly safe and enjoyable campus experience for all parties involved.

→ Create positive relationships and interactions between officers and students.

Dave's Background as a Campus Officer

Before pursuing higher education, Dave was a campus officer himself who's first interest was the safety of the campus's students. After studying motivation interviewing, Dave found success in building strong relationships with the university's students using this unique approach in conversation.

For most officers, the goal is to develop relationships with students and keep the campus safe within that framework. This requires patience, understanding, and a dedication to improving campus life for everyone.


What to expect when you book a training...


✓ A personal consultation prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your team.

✓ A detailed timeline for the event and copies of all training materials and resources in advance.

✓ An announcement about your event on my website and social media channels.

✓ A professionally prepared, engaging training focused on achieving the desired learning outcomes you want with your team.

✓ Technology Transfer Model -a multidimensional process that promotes the use of innovation.

✓ Possible opportunity for continuation credits for officers.

Client Testimonials

Valerie G.

University of Illinois Springfield

Dave has a passion for policing and higher education. I have been in many of Dave's training's and whether you are a counselor, prevention professional or a police officer, I would whole-heartily encourage you to have Dave come train your staff and/or agency.

Jennifer Stevenson, M.S.

CSU San Bernardino

Dave is a wonderful speaker. His workshops create space for participants to engage in meaningful ways. I've always gotten a lot of support and information from Dave's presentations and look forward to seeing more!

If You Need More than Training...

Dave took his key pain points as a prevention leader and reimagined them in a new light that sheds differently on every organization he works with. Realizing there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to prevention and the organizations that initiate it, he designed his coaching programs to incorporate proven methods of change with the flexibility to help adapt them to the specific needs of your unique organization.

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Not Sure Training or Coaching Fits Your Schedule Yet?

If anyone understands busy schedules and working crazy hours as a campus police officer, it's certainly Dave! As we work to build out an on-demand training course, Dave put together a mini training series that is completely free for a limited time. All we ask is that you provide your honest feedback so we can better reach more committed campus police professionals!

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