Coaching & Training

Our Coaching Background

Dave has been assisting college campuses, communities, organizations and states to improve the effectiveness of their prevention efforts to address substance use, misuse, and related negative consequences.

His clients include giants such as the:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

National Center for Campus Public Safety

And statewide agencies such as:

Illinois Higher Education Center,

Missouri’s Partners in Prevention Colorado Alcohol and Drug Educators Collaborative

New Mexico’s Higher Education Prevention Consortium

Dave's work is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources and the transfer of skills to the client. He works with specific objectives and clearly-established outcomes and timing, contributing to client prevention goals.

His experience and results indicate that improved prevention outcomes require an investment in people, systems, and support.


Dave's Philosophy

Dave approaches revolve around a simple idea: Improving the client’s condition.

One of the fundamentals of his success is to utilize the existing talents and resources of the organization in a comprehensive strategy to enhance their prevention efforts.

Does this sound like you?

→ Feeling overwhelmed with the number of resources on the market and confused as to which is best for your organization.

→ Trying to create sustainable change and a difference in your community.

→ Need to validate outsourcing help to your team so you can improve your organization's approach.

→ You're tired of the traditional cookie-cutter "coaching" approach and want to see real change throughout your organization.

Dave built his custom consulting packages with YOU in mind. He's been in your shoes... diligently working to create change and tired of "solutions" that never got to the root of the issue and resulted in lasting change.

Dave took his key pain points as a prevention leader and reimagined them in a new light that sheds differently on every organization he works with. Realizing there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to prevention and the organizations that initiate it, he designed his coaching programs to incorporate proven methods of change with the flexibility to help adapt them to the specific needs of your unique organization.


Prevention Leaders Coaching Programs

Dave he has seen a need among the prevention community across the nation. Prevention practitioners need support, guidance, and coaching throughout the entire process. One-off training is a great start but follow-up and continuous support lead to greater success.

As a veteran coach for SAMHSA’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies Coaching for Success Initiative, Dave was brought in to review, redesign, and update the program. The downside; Coaching for Success was only open to their grantees. Now, he has brought his insights, experiences and best practices into these Prevention Leaders Coaching Programs and they are available to YOU.

Get Coaching

Valerie Gebhardt

Counseling Center and Adjunct Social Work Instructor at University of Illinois Springfield

Dave has a passion for policing and higher education. I have been in many of Dave's training's and whether you are a counselor, prevention professional or a police officer, I would whole-heartily encourage you to have Dave come train your staff and/or agency.

Jim Lamadrid

Co-Chair Military Caregiver Resource Group at Intermountain Healthcare Care, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT

“Dave Closson’s personal story about overcoming addiction and his challenges integrating back into society after serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom resonated with our Veteran Caregiver Resource Group. Dave has a polished presentation style and adapted his message to the needs of our organization during our Veterans Day week panel discussion. Dave’s contribution enhanced our message to promote ways to manage mental and physical health for our veterans. Dave has a great personality, communicated well, and he was very accommodating to our schedule.”

Valerie Penn

Assistant Director, Alumni Relations  at University of St. Francis

“Dave is a great communicator and relationship builder. During my time working with him at EIU, I saw him use communication skills to befriend students and staff and de-escalate situations. He was a positive presence on campus and in the community.”

For more information, contact Dave for custom solutions for your team.