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Born out of his desire to be social and develop a more outgoing personality, a younger, more reserved Dave found himself constantly trying to push himself outside his comfort zone taking various people-centric jobs and eventually landing in the Army. During this time, Dave was also flexing his personal development muscle by becoming “unintentionally intentional” on the topic. His commitment to pushing limits and discipline resulted in him being employed as a sergeant in the Illinois Army National Guard and being handpicked for the sniper team.
After leaving the Army with a solid foundation, Dave moved on to attend college where he once again found himself feeling withdrawn and struggling to socialize. As a coping mechanism for social anxiety and dealing with PTSD from combat, he relied on substances and developed unhealthy drinking habits. But Dave doesn’t go down without a fight…
His transformation happened slowly as he recognized he had simply gotten away from who he was at the core and was willing to do the work that helped that person resurface. Dave now uses a conversational, change-evoking approach to reduce substance misuse and produce sustainable results.
Dave now wears a variety of hats including
Director of the Mid-America Prevention Technology Transfer Center.
An established author with his book featured in a number of publications.
A well-known speaker and coach in the prevention field.
An educator with a Masters in Technology Training and Development.

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Dave works with college campuses, communities, organizations and states to improve prevention efforts.

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Feedback from Dave's Community

Valeria G.

Dave has a passion for policing and higher education. I have been in many training's that Dave has presented on Motivational Interviewing. Dave breaks it down so that everyone will be able to utilize this tool, whether you are a counselor or a police officer. I would whole-heartily encourage you to have Dave come speak to your staff and/or agency.

Jennifer S.

Dave is a kind and compassionate professional. We worked together at EIU presenting alcohol education workshops. I've seen him utilize MI to help students see the ways in which they could reduce harm and negative consequences from their alcohol and drug use. His approach helped students implement lasting changes. Dave is a wonderful speaker as well. His workshops create space for participants to engage in meaningful ways. I've always gotten a lot of support and information from Dave's presentations and look forward to seeing more!

Valerie P.

Dave is a great communicator and relationship builder. During my time working with him at EIU, I saw him use communication skills to befriend students and staff and de-escalate situations. He was a positive presence on campus and in the community.

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