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Prevention Leaders aren't born. They're trained.

Training and coaching to improve your substance misuse prevention efforts.

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Meet Dave

Dave knows you are the kind of person who wants to be a successful prevention leader. In order to be that way, you need to continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest prevention training. The problem is, you are wearing “multiple hats” and don’t have time to find the training you need, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Dave believes it is just plain wrong that anybody should struggle to get the training they need. He understands the challenges and importance of your work, and how much you care about making a difference. That’s why he works with you to develop custom training that will build your capacity and strengthen your prevention team.

Here’s how it works: tell Dave about your training needs, let him build a custom training for you, and then get trained. So send him an email, so you can stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your prevention training and start building your team!

About DJC

DJC Solutions LLC, owned by Dave Closson, is a modern-day consulting company centered around helping to create purpose and connection in the lives we work with.

Dave knows you are the kind of person who wants to be successful, whether your work in the prevention field or are working to heal your own substance misuse. This is where Dave comes in to help you develop custom training that will build your capacity.

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Build Your Capacity. Lead Your Team.


Have a well trained and motivated prevention team.

Sustainable Success

Know your team is working to create a healthy, safe, and drug-free community.


Increase stakeholder buy-in and collaboration.

Be a Prevention Leader

Training and coaching aimed at improving your substance misuse prevention efforts.

Dave Has Worked With....

"Dave is a wonderful trainer. His workshops create space for participants to engage in meaningful ways. I've always gotten a lot of support and information from Dave's presentations and look forward to seeing more!"

Jennifer Stevenson, M.S.
Jennifer Stevenson, M.S.

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